love – Patience – Tolerance

Stacey’s got this

The thought of staying at home alone during the day, with three newborn babies, all solely breastfed, is a thought that can baffle most minds. It takes a certain attitude, a lot of patience. And a deep sense of purpose to pull it off.

I didn’t believe for a minute that becoming parents to triplets would have happened if  we didn’t have what it took to take care of them. I, for my part, am as involved as I can be when I’m not at work.  Stacey has now become a super mum.


I have a massive respect for my wife, and her very natural ability as a mother. She’s amazed me since the arrival of the triplets. To go from that dark place she was mentally during the pregnancy, to see her with them now is quite a thing.

There was understandably a very real trepidation from herself in regards to how she would cope when I returned to work and her Mum left. She has Frankie’s school runs to do, also the daily household chores. Yet she manages like a boss. Visitors are genuinely in aw of her ability to deal with the job at hand with a real calmness. She knows exactly what she’s doing.


Don’t misunderstand me. There are days that are tough, add tiredness from both of us and it can become very stressful at times, especially when all three babies are unsettled. But we remain conscious of our situation and work as a team. We have to,

We have embarked on a monumental journey this year, of epic proportions. The changes we have both experienced, personally, and as a couple are becoming a real foundation of strength in our home. In my wife I’ve seen a new confidence and sense of purpose come alive. It’s beautiful to watch.






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