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It’s a girl thing

A couple of weeks ago I picked up my little nephew from school. He’s a great little lad and I always love when he’s round as we make stuff like cars and jails for the bad guys out of lego, and talk Star Wars.

It was the testosterone filled conversation on the way home that led me to thinking about my brood, and how different our conversations will be as they grow into little ladies.

One of the questions from him went as so –

“if you had to choose, would you rather be eaten by a dinosaur? Or head-butted by one”?

As well as being a fantastic question that gave me something to ponder over, it also made me think about my time raising Frankie over the last five years, and being reminded I now have three more girls under my roof.

My eldest daughter is about as girly as they come. She loves princesses, unicorns, anything pink, baking and crafts, and now her Mum’s make up and nail varnish (only to wear playing in the house though). She also now does ballet which she loves.

Frankie rocking out in one of her many Cinderella dresses

Frankie has also over the years made much effort to do activities with me that as she sais ‘boys might like’.

Its very sweet how she’s conscious of the fact that I’m not a girl, and perhaps like other things besides making princess carriages out of lego, and talking about unicorns and fairys.

When she saw how exited I was when the new Star wars came out a couple of years ago, she wanted to watch the earlier movies with me. When it came time to watch the second movie I could see she was a bit restless, when asked what was up, she apologised to me and explained that she tried really hard to like it but it wasn’t really her thing. Bless her.

I love that she is the way she is. And I also don’t mind joining in playing girly stuff with her. It makes her happy that I get involved with what she’s doing. And now with three more I think it’s just aswell I got good at painting nails during the pregnancy.

I think that wether it’s boys or girls, no matter what they’re interested in, it’s my involvement as a father, and interest and encouragement that’s important. I have met men with only daughters who under the surface resented that they didn’t have a boy. A lot of people asked me if I was upset all the triplets were girls. Not one bit.

My four beautiful daughters

My girls may all grow to be like their big sister. I hope they do. At least I still have my nephew to talk to about things like fighting dinosaurs.

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