love – Patience – Tolerance

A celebration of light

All set for the big day

Last Sunday was the christening service for the triplets. It is traditional in Stacey’s family, and although not religious myself I do have a faith from my experiences as a recovered alcoholic and the way I live my life. I know that only a power of  light overcomes darkness. Only love can drive out anger.

I also know that my girls are full of that light. It was clear from the first day I held them. You only have to look in their eyes to feel it.

Ava’s smile

I believe every child is born with that spirit. I see it in Frankie’s kindness, and strong sense of right. I also see it in my wife’s love for all of our girls. So living life connected with, and growing in that spirit of love is everything. And turning away from darkness on this journey is the difference between knowing peace and suffering.


It turned out to be a wonderful stress free day. We were organised and on time. The babies were on their best behaviour and looked beautiful in their gowns. The gown Blakely wore is the one all Stacey’s sisters and Frankie wore for their christening. Lacey wore my cousins, the one my Auntie Liz got for her christening. Ava had a new one.

It was a real celebration of life, with close friends and family. After such a turbulent year of uncertainty, change and eventually the safe arrival of Ava, Lacey and Blakely into our lives.

If there’s anything I’ve had reinforced this year, it’s that faith can overcome fear. That the courage to endure patiently in the face of stress, of the unknown, of whatever the outcomes may be in life only brings strength. And my family are now stronger for it.

So God bless my girls and my family. I get the feeling they are already taken care of.


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