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Mamas little helper

Frankie, as I’ve mentioned before has experienced a lot of change in her life, some changes bigger and longer affecting than others. Yet she has coped incredibly well in the face of it all. She is mature in her nature and has a big heart.

The arrival of the triplets is another change she has adjusted to well. It would be hard for any only child, suddenly having three baby sisters rock up one day and take everyone’s waking attention. Yet she loves them, and is proud to be involved with it all.

Ava and Frankie having a little moment in the SCBU

Sure there are times that she has experienced a bit of jealousy, especially once they came home as three baby’s can be all consuming, more so in that adjustment period of home life. There are times it’s been incredibly stressful here but when I talk to her about it she understands what’s happening.

She loves to help. Also she knows when it’s enough and it’s time for her to exit the madness when all three babies are fired up.

We don’t push her at all to get involved. We ask her if she wants to help with certain jobs like the evening feeds and bath times. Usually she does but if she prefers to chill out elsewhere and and take a break that’s fine. She’s under no obligation with them. Believe me sitting with screaming hungry babies is a test of patience for anyone, let alone a ten year old.

Pacifying babies like a boss

I’m immensely proud of Frankie, what a wonderful big sister the triplets have. My hope is that she doesn’t grow to resent them for the attention they are taking. At the moment it’s difficult to spread any time elsewhere then the babies, but it’s not permanent and Frankie seems to know this.

The triplets are blessed to have such an example of kindness in their life. As are we.

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  1. So lovely seeing these moments

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  2. She will be setting a great example in all she does, she’s a star xx

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