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Dont mention the sleep.

Having never done this baby caper before, I will be the first to admit I went in wet behind the ears as it were. I had, still have much to learn. It’s a real blessing that Stacey had already successfully took care of Frankie as a baby.

Stacey has been a great teacher, and thankfully patient with me, showing me how its done, even though I do still get things wrong on occasion. Thankfully only minor errors, usually down to tiredness. Things like getting them muddled up is a given now.

So all I really had to go on as an expectation of what was to come, was Stacey’s experience with Frankie as baby, and what I’m told of mine.

Frankie was an angel who slept twelve hours, was a wonderful, hassle free baby, and still is in all the ways that are important.

A perfect child

I, on the other hand, was every parents worst nightmare baby, who didn’t sleep a full night for years, and remained rather lively even after i began sleeping. I had my fingers crossed the triplets would lean more towards Frankie’s habits. I mean everything was crossed, especially having three of them.

A nightmare child

As premature babies all they did was sleep in the beginning, I thought on many occasion while they were in the SCBU, nice, this should be easier than I thought. Then I was reminded again when they hit their due date where foolish thinking can get me.

The last few nights, they have decided that they still need the midnight top up, Blakely is especially keen to remind us how much she used to enjoy her 3am feed. Which means the at least one or maybe both her sisters may also wake up and need filling up.

Blakely knows exactly when Daddy and Mummy are going to sleep. A clever little monkey chops

so it’s two steps forward and one step back. I’m guessing this is how it will be as they have growth spurts. Ive adjusted to the tiredness now though. And Stacey and myself have a tight system which we keep to the number.

And so I vow never from this moment, whenever asked how the babies are going, to be as stupid to answer anything so silly as

“Yeah great, they’re going through the night now, no problem”

lesson learned. Don’t tempt fate.






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