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14 weeks today!

The triplets have hit the ripe old age of fourteen weeks today, feels like they’ve been with us a lot longer. It’s a big one for our little ladies. Things are also slowly improving for us grown ups.

Sunday night they were fed and down for 9.30pm. We got them a new light projector which fills the room with moving coloured stars, and also plays Mozart. They love music and the lights they are able to see from their cots. It seems to settle them beautifully. They went straight to sleep and went straight through til 6am.

Hanging out with Daddy

last night was the same. After a really settled afternoon/evening they went straight down again for 9.30pm. Frankie now helps with the bedtime routine and loves being involved.

Having this couple of hours left free during the evening again, is like a little piece of heaven has returned to our lives. I can’t even begin to explain how good it feels to be able to rest again at the end of a day. To have a little freedom, a little peace and quiet. It’s been a long time.

I’m under no illusion that it can change by the hour. But for now it’s a making the most of soaking in the bath, taking the time to meditate and get back to consciousness again. The mental strain of sleep deprivation is an experience every parent knows. It’s no joke, there were times I felt I was verging on insanity again. If I am to succeed in my role as a father, I need to be awake and present.

There are so many little things I took for granted before the events of this year. Now it’s the little things I look forward to the most. Getting home from work , to my now not so little family, is still number one.

Lacey with her beautiful smile


One response to “14 weeks today!”

  1. Margaret TIMS (Baggy) Avatar
    Margaret TIMS (Baggy)

    You are all doing so so well those three little girls are so lucky to have such a loving and caring Mimmy Daddy and beautiful big sister ..keep going love ti you all …Baggy xxxxxx


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