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Back to the grind

When the triplets were born I took two weeks off from work that were spent mostly in the hospital they were born in. The plan was to get back to work and earn asap, Stacey’s Mum would then stay to help get them in a routine. After which I would take a weeks paternity leave when she left.

This weeks leave has been time I’ve looked forward to the most. It’s given me a chance to help out during the day, also strengthen my bond with them all. And a bit of a rest from my work has been much-needed. It’s also been important for us to find some normality as a family. As normal as it’s going to get now anyway.

Bedtime hugs before they go down

I also got to be here for the health visitor appointment.  It was nice to hear such confidence in the both of us from her, and Stacey to hear the reinforcement of what an amazing job she is doing as a Mum in an extraordinary situation. She was surprised as to how advanced they are in their development already. We now get smiles, and coo’s from them, she also commented on how alert they all are.

Stacey is still managing to provide milk for all three. The health visitor puts a lot of our Babies development and growth, down to the calmness of Stacey and myself. A stress free environment is definitely one we all thrive in as a family. We are not perfect by any means, but we make all the effort we can to keep our home this way.

Their weights at thirteen weeks and three days were……

Ava 9lb 12oz
Lacey 9lb 10oz
Blakely 8lb

It seems Blakely may always be a little smaller than her sisters, but other than size. she is as far advanced in development as her sisters.

So it’s back to work for me tomorrow. And for Stacey it’s her leap into days alone with the babies. Finding her feet and own routines. This is where our new life begins.

Stacey has also started a blog to document and share her experiences.

Please take a visit and maybe leave a message of encouragement for her. I know full well she’ll make it work, but also understand the daily task of feeding and entertaining three developing babies. This week has been needed for all of us. lets see how it goes from here.

Also I appreciate all of you who take the time to follow our experience. I started this blog in the thick of sleep deprivation and triplet chaos. It has been a wonderful opportunity to stay sane, and also share what we’ve been, and are going through.

No matter how rough things get with a pregnancy, a relationship or starting out with a new family. And as apart as you may feel at times, you really are not alone. Be patient and remarkable things can happen at the other end.




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