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Cold coffee

There were times during the pregnancy when I would think forward to enjoying an afternoon, watching a couple of films on a Sunday with my family , chilling out with all the jobs done, and putting my feet up for a while. Catching up on some much-needed rest and rejuvenating a little. Just a free couple of hours to sit back and take stock, then march back into the stream of life feeling fresh and ready for anything.

I can report that this is yet to happen. Probably won’t for around twenty years now, by which point we will possibly then be looking after grandchildren. If Frankie starts a family. Although, in recent weeks, things have improved as far as sleep goes, triplets are game changers.

I think it was heading into the third trimester that I realised there was never going to be that free Sunday afternoon watching films like the old days, relaxing with my feet up. I almost resented it a little bit and needed to be aware of that. A little self-pity can cause big problems when a man starts down that path. There was already enough tension in the house.

Heres a typical day for me when they came home from the hospital.
Wake up between 2am & 3am. It’s normally Blakely that wakes up first. I changed her andpasseds her to Stacey to put on the boob. I then put music videos on the phone to keep me awake while iticklede Stacey’s bac, which in turnkepts her awake. The, repeatt another two times.

A feed can takeanywheree between 20 – 30 mins. When one is fed, all are fed as it’s easier to keep feeds together.
I get back to sleep between half 3 & half 4am. Blakely usually then wakes again between 6 & 7am. I change a baby, get ready for work and maybe change another if I have time.
leave for work at 7.30am and work a physical jobuntil 5 pmm
walk through the door, showe, and cook dinner. Change babies before feeds, then help pacify babies until bath time around 10pm. Some night, I was able to get an hours sleep during the early evening. Dependin on how the triplets were behaving. Not very often though.
Bath time and last feeds are usually done by midnight. Babies typically all asleep by 1 – 1.30am.
Get up between 2 & 3am and begin feeds again.

I need to add, this is also with three of us in the house as Stacey’s Mum was living with us. Without that hel, it would have been a lot harder, on Stacey during the day, and me during the evenings. I take my hat off to parents of multiples who have to do those early days alone.

At nine weeks and three days, the triplets all slept through without waking for the 2 – 3am feeds.It was a massive milestone for all of us. That block of sleep was enough to begin to feel normal again.
If you have multiples, and you make a cup of coffee. Don’t ever expect to drink it while it’s hot.

And if you get five minutes to yourself, enjoy it, if you can stay awake to do so.

4 responses to “Cold coffee”

  1. I am so pleased they are missing the middle of the night feed now.

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  2. I’m exhausted just reading through your schedule. Parents are amazing human beings with extraordinary talents. My parents have three kids, but not at the same time! Keep up the good work!!

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  3. when the trips first came home from the hospital, how often were you giving baths?

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    1. We decided every other night was easiest and enough. On the nights off we use body wipes and give them a head to toe before their last change and feed. It’s quite an operation to get it done daily.


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