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4. NICU Angels

Any parent to babies who spent time with their little ones on the NICU are aware of how incredible the nurses are.


Stacey was officially discharged three days after they were born. Because of our situation we were given a room to stay in next to the ward. Stacey made a start straight away expressing milk, as her plan was to breastfeed all three if possible. She was determined.

The nurses did everything to accommodate us and look after us. They made sure as Dad I had hands on involvement from day one. I was shown how to wash them, I changed Ava’s first poopy nappy. Any parent of premature babies will know the joy and relief of that first poop. It’s another sign things are internally well, and working.

It wasn’t just the triplets that were taken care of. They also had an interest in our wellbeing and health. They made sure we were taking enough rest and were both mentally coping with the situation. They were amazing with our triplets, we were most definitely taken care of by angels on that ward.

We had skin time with them each day,  the nurses encouraged it, especially with the Dads, the babies love the warm and it’s a great way to bond, I would just hold them and look at them. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They were perfect.


The tiredness was hitting me hard after a few days. I was still exhausted from the months running up to the birth, a lack of sleep was to bring me to a new mental state I had no choice but adjust to. It wasn’t easy at all, for either of us. As a recovered alcoholic maintaining a level of consciousness is how I have to live. Tired I struggle with everything, especially stress. The situation kept me as focused and present as I could be.


The babies were doing amazingly well. There was a real buzz around them. I loved taking care of them, Even Frankie was able to help with their feeds.


We were blessed in many ways. The babies were fine without issues, other than a little jaundice with the twins. Mama was expressing and would provide enough milk for all of them when they eventually latched. She is still breastfeeding all three now as I write this, coming up thirteen weeks. It’s quite a deal. They are thriving.

Although we were tired beyond words, we were happy on that ward, for the first time in a while. It was a wonderful time for us as a family.

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