The Fourth of July seemed to come around quick. We were as organised as we could be. The house was ready, Frankie was dropped off early at her cousins for school, she would join us later that afternoon with her Auntie and my Mum. Frankie was exited, I was really excited. Stacey though was still racked with anxiety about the whole thing. Stacey’s Mum drove us to the hospital that day. She was feeling her daughters nerves.

The hospital had us booked in as the first procedure that day. We got to the hospital at 7.30, checked in and went through the whole process with the doctors and midwives. As much as they tried to reassure Stacey, she was visibly agitated and uncomfortable. Her concern wasn’t for the triplets, more for any problems she may encounter. There was a real chance of complications to her that morning. I know Frankie was on her mind.

It was awful to be in that position, seeing my wife so full of fear, and here was me, lit at the other end of the spectrum. I still did my best to calm and reassure her.

Stacey was prepped and we were in the theatre by 9am. There was a particular piece of music we chose to have playing, Bob Marleys ‘three little birds’. It was a song we played to the triplets, they were after all known to us, as our three little birds.

I counted eighteen people in the theatre that morning. It was an impressive show just for us. There was such a buzz in that room. Each baby had a pediatrician, a midwife and a doctor stood by an assigned cot. Each cot with a name tag. The doctors knew beforehand the babies positions, and who was who.

The music played, everyone in the room sang and hummed along with excitement. It all happened so fast from that moment.

Ava was born at 9.38am

Blakely at 9.40am

Lacey came last at 9.42

Within minutes They began to cry, what a momentous sound. They all made it out in one piece. All well as could have been. They allowed me to trim their cords. It was one of the most moving moments I will ever know. Something in me changed in that theatre.

Stacey made it, even though she lost a lot of blood, and had to have a transfusion. She had succeeded in creating and carrying our girls into this world. A true miracle.

The relief for me was massive. Stacey was still in an emotional struggle, as I would discover by the end of that day.


Meeting with my daughters, one at a time, for the first time, was a deeply emotional experience






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  1. Wow how awesome. Soo very happy for you all. You will be a fantastic Dad as you already are to Frankie. You deserve this amasing journey lots of hugs & kisses to you all xxxxxxoooooo

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