love – Patience – Tolerance

12.The home stretch

At the twenty-eight week scan, Dr. D gave us the all-clear as far as the twins’ growth was concerned. After the scan, he sat back in his chair, cracked a smile, and declared that the whole pregnancy was remarkable. He was genuinely surprised all three had done so well. He congratulated us on the job we were doing.

It was a real relief to hear him so positive. In his words, all we needed now was to avoid an emergency, like Stacey going into labour, and for them all to ‘exit screaming’.

During the last few weeks, the heat wave continued, we finished any last jobs around the house before the arrival, and tried to relax as much as possible.
Stacey was still feeling the anxiety around the upcoming c-section. I didn’t know it, but she was also concerned she would not bond with the triplets.

That must be horrible for any woman to experience. She really was getting thrown around emotionally. Her mum moved in with us a couple of weeks before the birth. Just to help out. We both appreciated it. It gave me a break from some of the daily chores.

I was also feeling a few little nagging doubts near the end of the pregnancy, mostly around any dodgy genetic bullets I may be passing on. I have a history of mental health problems and various diagnoses, borderline personality disorders , and other things. Autism also runs in my family. I was diagnosed with aspergers myself in 2009.

Although i have discovered a solution to my internal conflicts and am convinced most had no physiological causes, it still cropped up, being in my situation. I had once ended up on the same psychiatric ward my father had also stayed on, I was feeling a nip of concern. My hope was that love, a pinch of divine grace, and a resentment free environment would be protection enough for all of them.

A real spanner hit the works at the thirty week scan. The birth was set to go ahead at the local hospital. It was where Stacey and Frankie were born. At the last minute, the paediatricians pulled out, so another hospital stepped up to take us. I didn’t mind the inconvenience of the travelling, as the hospital was bigger and better equipped to deal with any emergencies that may occur.
It knocked Stacey for six. She was nervous anyway, now she had to cope with the stress of all new specialists , an unfamiliar hospital with unfamiliar faces. It was a real blow to her confidence.

I remained excited for the most. The prospect of triplets and stepping up to fatherhood didn’t faze me one bit. I was as ready as I could be. Whatever the outcome would be. I felt my purpose in life. It was quite a thing to discover.

I finished work and played my last gig with my band on the Friday, Stacey, Frankie and myself spent the weekend in the garden with the paddling pool, saying goodbye to the little life we had known as just three of us. It was still bizarre.

The babies stayed in until the Fourth of July. It was a Tuesday morning. We had reached thirty-three weeks and three days, medically without fault. It really was a miracle pregnancy.

That whole weekend felt like the calm before a storm.

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