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10. Names and dates

Triplet pregnancies in the U.K. Don’t go further than thirty four weeks as a rule. Mainly because mum can’t move anymore and the babies are pretty squished, there is also a higher risk of an emergency labour.they need to make an exit for the good of all.

Stacey’s aim was to safely reach thirty two. Our elected day was chosen as the Fourth of July. An easy date to remember, especially for my friends over the pond. Dr D was happy with that date, so it  became the goal.

As for names.

I imagine how hard it must be to find and settle on one name. Three turned out to be a headache. We both had lists and both had favourites, unfortunately they weren’t all agreed on. They had to be just right, names are extremely important after all.

I’m the type of fella that likes to know exactly what’s going on, when something is decided on by both sides, the ‘jobs done’ as it were. Stacey on the other hand would constantly change names once settled on. Just as I would get used to a name, she would then decide she no longer liked it. It did make it easier though eliminating the huge potential boys name lists.

If I had any hair, it would have been at this point in the pregnancy my balding process would have been complete.

Eventually we settled on

Ava  , Blakely & Lacey.

All beautiful names, we both agreed.



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