The scans went by each fortnight without any problems. There were no signs of twin to twin transfusion which was the main concern, we were told that we wouldn’t be clear of that risk until around twenty-seven weeks. All three babies were growing as well as they could be. As the weeks went by Stacey gradually began to adjust to the thought of having triplets, or at least that’s what I hoped. She did begin working out the practicalities, and how we would pull it off.

There was a little mutual buzz between us around the sixteen week scan. Other multiple parents We had spoken with on fb sites had found out the sex of their babies around that time.

My personal favoured outcome was a mix. Maybe twin boys and a girl, seemed even, two daughters and two sons. To be honest though I was just praying all three would make it.

Dr D had warmed to us a little. I felt I was being constantly tested by him. I think my involvement with our situation , and keeping our feet on the ground was very important to him. I would always try to impress him with a little more information I had learned about the triplet pregnancy.

He checked for heartbeats first, then checked the usual. At the end we asked if he could tell the sex. Turns out the twins were girls, he apologised before he told me and suggested I take up drinking, probably not the best advice.

Odd bob was a name we had fondly given the singleton. Unfortunately bob was in an awkward position at that scan so it was at the eighteen week that we discovered, bob, following another apology from Dr D, was also a girl. I think most of our friends and relatives were hoping a willy would be spotted that day. But it wasn’t meant to be.

I wasn’t upset or disappointed though.  I think all men would prefer to raise a son if they had the choice. Men understand boys better , women understand girls better . But it seemed the powers that be felt I had much to learn from living with five women under my roof. The messages of condolence came in thick and fast from my male friends.

As a friend suggested, it was either going to sharpen me, or kill me.

They became known as our ‘three little birds’ from that day.


  1. You write so well, I had a few tears reading your blog. Well done both of you bringing up lovely Frankie and bringing into the world three gorgeous babies. I hope I get to meet the babies when I see Di next. Erikax


  2. Congratulations on the new blog AND the new tiny additions to the family. Very smart people. One baby at a time is much too inefficient. The two best jobs in the world, writing and fathering. Keep both up, as I know you will and it all changes the world. Best! ~ Dan


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