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7. Who you gonna call

So you’ve been picked up and firmly planted in the eye of a tornado. reality is kicking in hard. The babies are baking, the wife is stressed with hormones and her own fears and concerns. Who do you turn to?

“Grow a set of balls and man up” isn’t always the most helpful advice for this particular situation, although does hold a certain depth and weight.

As an expectant father there are not many avenues of help and advice. I had bought a book but didn’t really have time to read it, besides it only dealt with one baby. I was beginning to feel alone with the whole situation.

The last thing Stacey needed was to see me that way. I am lucky to have that one friend who is grounded in reality with no time for self-pity or complaining.He is a man who would help keep my feet on the ground Throughout the whole pregnancy .  He and his wife are to be God parents to our girls. I also have a grounded female friend who was happy to help with a woman’s perspective. It was much-needed.

Men are for the most part, left to get on with it as I’ve found, which can be a frightening prospect. I also found a couple of triplet dad sites on Facebook that were invaluable. Though not one in the U.K. I am also very grateful to the dad’s at my work for their experience and advice.

When you have three on the way any tips are good. At the end of the day though you will discover your own way, it’s easy to get overloaded with all the different advice out there. Google will send you mad. As I said before every pregnancy and situation is different.

The only advice I can give is to Just take care of your woman a day at a time, no matter what she throws at you. Listen to what she needs and keep your focus on her and any others you have under your roof. Be the man they need.

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